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Tire testing for heavy duty trucks

Are you looking for an opportunity to test and develop tires for heavy duty usage in arctic outdoor conditions?


OuluZone+ provides the only dynamical tire testing trailer in North Europe. Our test system enables higher load capacity and accuracy than any other competing system in the world. We have modern facilities to give you an enjoyable experience regardless of the arctic conditions and an expert team for your test needs and tire modelling.


Safety collaboration with Trafi. Testing and monitoring of HCTs.

- Pertti Keski-Korsu, Korsu Oy
“Korsu Oy is quality-oriented Transport Company operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We used Ouluzone+ to test our high capacity truck, length 29 meters, for safe driving in junctions and public roads. At the same time we demonstrated HCT to our interest groups. The Ouluzone+ area worked great for our needs.”  
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