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InfraBIM & construction

OuluZone+ is currently building a real 5G enabled construction site giving you the possibility to make large scale site tests. 


For your educational and development needs we have a collaboration network with all levels of education from vocational to professional. With this network we can run full working infrastructure construction site and using modern BIM softwares and technologies you can practise future proof dynamic site management. 


OuluZone+ welcomes you to do research, testing and education in the field of construction automation. 


University of Oulu and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are worldwide known research organisations in the field of construction automation and offer you a full support with co-operation of The Oulu Region Joint Authority for Education (OSEKK) and Oulu University of applied sciences.


In Finland over 2000 machine control systems are in daily use.

- Mika Jaakola, Destia
Construction automation and BIM have outmost importance in our company, high skill of the workforce is mandatory to achieve this goal. This is one reason we have decided to use OuluZone+ as a place to organize our staff training day"
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