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Autonomous machines and vehicles 

Are you looking for place to develop an autonomous vehicle in arctic conditions?


OuluZone offers closed area of 850+ hectares with test tracks and over 160 winter days per year.


Are you aiming to develop autonomous mobile machines and need a secure area with a support of world-class research teams?


Oulu region is internationally famous of its 5G and wireless technology knowhow. Our research teams supports you with everything from data security to unmanned vehicle development. We provide all necessary instruments like super accurate rtk-gnss reference network, mobile laser scanners and drones.


Take your development to overtaking lane and contact us today!

A Port Worker
Port Automation

Oulun yliopisto ja OSAO ovat 30.11.2023 jättäneet rahoitushakemuksen ”Raskaiden sähkötoimisten satamatyökoneiden automaattinen ohjaus (Port Automation)" – kehittämis- ja investointihankkeesta. Hankkeen suunniteltu toteutusaika

on 2024 - 2027.


Vähäpäästöinen autonominen työkoneparvi väylärakentamiseen (SWARM). Business Finland, Co-Innovation. 2022-2025.

- Kari Hakuli, Finnish Transport Safety Agency
Digital transformation, robotics and new service models are going to revolutionize transport and traffic. Our know-how in arctic conditions is an unique asset in this global development. We are supporting Ouluzone+ in enhancing this know-how, which is in line with the implementation of Prime Ministers Government Program and group strategy for the Ministry of Transport and Communications."
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