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OuluZone is ideally located for world-class research, testing and education activities.

About the OuluZone

OuluZone+ area has been designed for wide range of activities like motor sports, research, education, aviation and shooting range. In collaboration with Nokia Networks, OuluZone+ has a plan to be the first 5G enabled test site. 


Research and sport actions are complementary making possible to develop the area for both action’s needs. OuluZone+ is situated along the highway 20 only thirty minutes away from the city center and 40 minutes drive from the airport. Key idea of OuluZone+ is to combine high-class infrastructure to world-class research activities. University of Oulu and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd are key partners offering wide range of technology research services connected to OuluZone+.


OuluZone+ offers an unique opportunity to get involved into area's development and extension. Upcoming construction activities can be customised to your needs. There are already 8 different types of tracks available for technology research, testing and education activities. OuluZone+ can offer an environment to test autonomous vehicle handling in snowstorm or heavy truck tires on ice. OuluZone+ offers high-class reference points and an area for Infrastructure BIM development in practice. Earthwork machines and operators can be arranged with partners. 

Great infrastructure of OuluZone and seamless co-operation with world-leading researches offers spectacular results.

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