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Tapahtumia (JTF)

Conference name

Time and place


ICUAS 2024

HICSS 2024

EEA 2024

6.3. Helsinki

SESAR: U-ELCOME project open day and U-space Coordination Cell F2F meeting

April Barcelona

ADW 2024

April 2024

U-space Stakeholder Network F2F Meeting

ADW week and place

Civil and military network F2F meeting

ADW week and place

European ATM Master Plan Stakeholder Consultation Workshop

Brussels, April

EU Drone days

Nov 2024

SESAR Innovation Days

After EU Drone days

ITS World

Dubai Sep24-28

Smart City Barcelona

First Advanced Air Mobility Symposium (AAM 2024)

Montréal, September

IFAR Summit 2024

Singapore, October

AIMO workshops


end of March Glasgow

Radar 2024

October, Rennes


6-7 November, Oulu


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