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ERF23 Workshop and Supervised Autonomy Showcase at OuluZone

ERF23 Workshop 16.3.2023 at OuluZone

Supercharged operations through autonomy 28.6.2023 at OuluZone

SR-O Technology together with Teleo Inc. transforms heavy equipment operations by turning any piece of construction equipment into a supervised autonomous machine - resulting in greater per- formance, efficiency, and insight than ever before. Come and see Europe’s first automated wheel loader in action at Ouluzone at the end of June!

During the demo day is possible to get to know the minerobotic project which will develop a digital learning environment for mining automation and robotics. There is no similar training in the Northern Ostrobothnia region yet, a significant need is seen. The project explores and acquires new knowledge and skills in mining automation to create a new learning environment and course.


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