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Students built new Speedway-track in OuluZone using Inframodel

University of Oulu (UOulu), Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) and the Oulu Vocational College (OSAO) organized a workshop at 30.10.-3.11.2017 as a part of develop the teaching and collaboration of the infra-BIM and automation between the organizations. The amount of students and teachers, from previous mention organizations, as well as company representatives were altogether 80. In the workshop, the students built new Speedway-track in the OuluZone by using the novel technology used in the construction site and the control of the working machines.

Figure 1. The planning model of the Speedway-track (Mitta Oy) was recorded in Infrakit cloud service as Inframodel3 form.

Tasks and their location during the workshop:

- Construction head manager, cafeteria

- Construction site supervisor, construction site hut

- Road designer, judge tower 2. floor

- BIM-coordinator, construction site hut

- Excavators, trucks, and wheel loader drivers, construction site

- Surveyor, construction site

- Construction consultant, judge tower 1. floor

- Construction security officer, cafeteria

- Speedway Project owner, judge tower 3. floor

- Drone-monitoring, construction site hut

Figure 2. Students in the role of the construction head manager considering the tender for the extra contract requested by Speedway Project owner.

Figure 3. The cutting process of the Speedway-track is going on. In the controlling of the working machines (two excavators, wheel loader, and two trucks) was used the 3D-guidance systems of Leica geosystems and Novatron Oy, as well as android-based applications.

Figure 4. The infrakit cloud service was used as a joint user interface in the technology tasks.

Figure 5. The progress of construction site was followed with the help of taken aerial photographs from Drone.

Figure 6. Students and teachers.

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